About Us...

Gemma founded Hartley Guise during the 2020 lockdown. She has started and run several small businesses from media training through to Postnatal fitness. Gemma has a proven track record of defining strategies, improving sales and demonstrating strong growth across all the companies she has headed up.

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She felt the pain businesses were feeling that was created from the pandemic and wanted to reach out and help these businesses survive. Living in the Kent countryside, Gemma felt passionate about helping her local high street become virtual. This was when Hartley Guise was born.

Online is not just a trend; now, it is crucial for business survival.


Over many years of experience working within businesses, she has built up a strong team of loyal experts not only that she can rely on but are on the top of their game in their industry.

Gemma's skillset lies within PR and business strategy, winning several awards in theses sectors; however, she is known within the industry for her tenacious can-do attitude and her desire to succeed and never give up.


Gemma is also a mum to two small boisterous boys (that don't sleep!) Why is this important? She has built the skills to be able to juggle and adapt, which are vital skills when running a business. She also understands that now more than ever working from home involves some element of family life overlapping work time. Gemma embraces this and gives a realistic approach when working together.

When Gemma isn't juggling her boys or head stuck in a computer, you will find her either training for a half marathon or sampling new gins on the market!

During lockdown traffic to my website stopped, I had no idea why but Gemma and her web team identified issues with my website which I didn’t know existed. Two months later my traffic has returned thanks to a website revamp.

- Emma Founder- Bond Street to your street